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Cuengueñita con Piña 14”x18” Watercolor

Cuengueñita con Piña


DESCRIPTION: This water color depicts a little girl from the Cuenca del Papaloapán, or the Palpaloapán river basin, a region of Oaxaca that borders Veracruz. She is dancing the Flor de Piña (Pineapple Flower), one of the most famous folkloric dances of Oaxaca’s Guelaguetza. The Guelaguetza is a folk festival celebrated annually in Oaxaca City; it was created in 1932 to celebrate the diverse ethnicities of the state of Oaxaca, such as the Chinantecas, the Mazatecas, the Mixe, the Zapotecas, and the natives of the Papaloapán basin. In this spirit, Flor de Piña dancers wear a diverse array of huipiles representing a plurality of local styles. 


ABOUT THIS PAINTING: This original watercolor painting’s size is approximately 14”x18”, matted. It includes Certificate of Authenticity.

SHIPPING: Insurance, taxes, packaging and regular shipping are included on all prices. Processing and shipping takes 2 to 4 weeks. Expedited shipping is available at additional costs.

Please contact the artist for more information.

Cuengueñita con Piña 14”x18” Watercolor

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