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Isis has a gift to teach art. My son had never painted before so he was a bit apprehensive at first, but Isis made clear up front that everyone is an artist. By setting the table with this approach, my son and I dove into picking our projects and learning to lightly sketch out our images. Isis proceeded to teach us about color and how to begin to approach the painting. She did it with such grace and kindness. My son and I simply had a blast. Highly recommend this class for anyone from the beginner to the expert. Isis speaks to the artist in all of us. We are very grateful to her.


What a great experience! I arrived to find that I was the only student signed up so ended up having a private conversation and tutorial. I have no formal art training so after a brief discussion about the history of Mexican art, Isis helped me choose charcoal portraiture for my single day 3 hour class. It was such an enjoyable time and I left inspired to get started creating at home. If you have more time in SMA I can imagine that the month long offerings would be amazing. Thank you!


This was my first life drawing class in 30+ years, and I went with a little trepidation. I rang the doorbell, and a lovely lilting voice asked if this is Linda! And that was the beginning of the magic of Isis. She brings a huge amount of knowledge and the ability to explain herself to each person in the group. And her personality and excitement flows from her into me. I left each class exhausted, but excited for my progress, and eagerly awaiting the next lesson. And when the drawing is finally done, I can’t believe that I created it. That is the magic of Isis.

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