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A New Series in Progress

The Quinceañera has become a controversial event within feminist circles that is often referred to a patriarchal institution that forces women into marriage thru the church and continues to dominate women for their benefits. But I believe that we have taken this celebration out of context for 100 or so years ago, women had very little options. Either become a feminist and join the convent under the protection of the church, or join the social norms and become a wife and a mother protected by patriarchy. 

"Majestic: A Quinceañera Reimagined" questions and investigates the mainstream feminist view and instead desires to create a new initiation into womanhood that reflects the values of spiritual feminism today. 

Below are digital collages of my upcoming ideas that will be transformed into oil paintings. Majestic Art Exhibit is to be determined for 2025-2027.

A Quinceañera sitting in a chair who wears a ball gown with a doll, balloons, and flowers.

A Portrait of a Quinceañera 28"x40" 

The parents of a Quinceañera adorn her with a head dress and lots of gold jewelry.

"Bling Ceremony" 28"x48"

 A Quinceñera being blessed by her family and priest

"The Blessing of a Quinceañera" 40"x28"

A  still life that depicts a pink boot filled with flowers.

"Still Life of a Quinceañera" 12"18"

A  Quinceñera gives flowers to an angel underneath  Our Lady of Guadalupe

"Divine Appreciation 30"x30"

Mexican people dressing a unicorn.

"The Adornation of the Quince's Horse" 46"x46

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