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A New Series in Progress

Majestic is a new series that is inspired by the Quinceañera, it's traditions, rituals in relation to the dreams desires and political mindset of a teenager today. The Quinceañera is a popular event that takes place when an adolescent girl turns 15 y.o. It is an event where her parents and family celebrate the transformation of their daughter from girl to a woman, where several performances are created to express these changes. 

Below are digital collages of my upcoming ideas that will be transformed into oil paintings.

A teenager sitting in a chair who wears a ball gown with a doll, balloons, and flowers celebrating her Quinceañera

A Portrait of a Quinceañera 28"x40" 

The parents of a Quinceañera adorn her with a head dress and lots of gold jewelry.

"Bling Ceremony" 28"x48"

A family blessing their teenage daughter in a Quinceñera.

"The Blessing of a Quinceañera" 40"x28"

A  still life that depicts a pink boot filled with flowers.

"Still Life of a Quinceañera" 12"18"

A  Quinceñera gives flowers to an angel underneath  Our Lady of Guadalupe

"Divine Appreciation 30"x30"

Mexican people dressing a unicorn.

"The Adornation of the Quince's Horse" 46"x46

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