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Spiritual Manifestations in the Feminine is a feminist contemporary mythology where Zapatista masked women in lingerie roam the world of nepantla protesting shame in search of a spiritual evolution. 

"Nepantla" is a 16th Century Aztec word that means, "in the middle of it" and is the place where my "types" dwell. It's a kind of crossroads where we go when we want to transform to a better version of ourselves. 


Over 20 works of art spanning over 10 years from the following series, "Legends from the Realm of Nepantla", "Perros Sagrados y Sus Chamanes", and "CRUSH!" will be on display for the first time in San Francisco California, where I onced lived.


I use the techniques of the Great European Masters with Catholic and Pre-Hispanic ritual, inventing new feminine types,  meta-types, shadow types, and modern archetypes that reflect the issues we face today.

This exhibit will be touring to MACCLA, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission St. San Francisco California, CA USA 94110. Opening Reception will be Friday March 1st at 6pm. 


Isis's art  openings sell out. Please reserve here to get access to discounts, special gifts and other surprises. 



A New Series in Progress

The masked woman is going to die  and be resurrected as a Quinceañera and this transformation will be recorded in my new series, "Majestic". "Majestic" is a new series that is inspired by the Quinceañera, it's traditions, rituals in relation to the dreams desires and political mindset of a teenager today. The Quinceañera is a popular event that takes place when an adolescent girl turns 15 y.o. It is an event where her parents and family celebrate the transformation of their daughter from girl to a woman, where several performances are created to express these changes. 

Below are digital collages of my upcoming ideas that will be transformed into oil paintings.

Majestic Art Exhibit is to be determined for 2025-2026.

A Quinceañera sitting in a chair who wears a ball gown with a doll, balloons, and flowers.

A Portrait of a Quinceañera 28"x40" 

The parents of a Quinceañera adorn her with a head dress and lots of gold jewelry.

"Bling Ceremony" 28"x48"

 A Quinceñera being blessed by her family and priest

"The Blessing of a Quinceañera" 40"x28"

A  still life that depicts a pink boot filled with flowers.

"Still Life of a Quinceañera" 12"18"

A  Quinceñera gives flowers to an angel underneath  Our Lady of Guadalupe

"Divine Appreciation 30"x30"

Mexican people dressing a unicorn.

"The Adornation of the Quince's Horse" 46"x46

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