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a unicorn fetus surrounded by beta fish

BLUE UNICORN 2022-2023


As an artist who survived a pandemic, censorship and heavy handed government lockdowns, it is important to use my painting as a tool to record how we humans are thinking. The unicorn is the perfect archetype to discuss issues that reflect transitional and polarizing time.  In ancient times the unicorn was defined for the nobility, it’s people and it’s land. Only a virgin could capture one. Now we refer to a unicorn as being someone that doesn’t follow conventional rules, unique in character and dress, a polyamorous, a transgender/gay, or a new visionary company.


The color blue has symbolic meaning as the most eccentric and even unattainable, as a “blue rose”.  The song by Cuban Trova singer and song writer, Silvio Rodriguez, Blue Unicorn, was created according to him, when he ”went through a stage of total lack of faith” …where ”everything was garbage”…and “art wasn’t worth anything…because it couldn’t change the world.” His song is one of the most famous songs he’s ever created (circa 1980’s) and is in stark contrast to the millineal version that I just described above. I hope that my Blue Unicorn series, will give you a moment to reflect and decide for yourself, if you are a unicorn or believe in unicorns?


Isis Rodriguez 

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