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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Once upon a time unicorns were mythological equines that could be found on European shields marking a country, it's achievements, acquisition of land and it's peoples as shown below in the Coat of Arms of Nova Scotia in Canada.

Coat of Arms Nova Scotia

Nowadays, the word "unicorn" has been modernized to describe the novelty of life and people on earth. And in the polarized age we live in, it has come to symbolixe the uncomfortable changes we are going thru. In the past 20 or so years in the Wester world, the word unicorn has been applied to new promising businesses in science, technology, (as in the tv series, Unicorn Hunters), to the gay and trans community, to couples experimenting with a third person, magic and the rare uniqueness of a person or thing. We have replaced the elephant in the room for the unicorn in the room. Much more optimistic, no? There is now a day dedicated to unicorns, called, National Unicorn Day, who's inventor and history is unknown, probably because it was started by someone in sales wishing to sell more of their products to kids and their families. Of course this is my opinion, but much of the writing about this horse is tied to commercial sales of cute unicorn products for kids and has become a marketing cliché.

None the less, during a pandemic and in lockdown, I became an information addict who noticed these new definitions of the unicorn. I thought it would be interesting to do a series of the mythological animal, but thru the lens of modern interpretations of it.

This is a painting of a tic tac uap illuminating a unicorn fetus surrounded by betta fish over a shell filled with other life forms.
Organismo 30"x30" Oil over Wood by Isis Rodriguez

Organismo is an oil painting of 30"x30" oil over wood that was inspired by 2 Lex Fridman podcasts.

Unexplained ariel object Radar USS Nimitz
Radar Tic Tac Uap

In David Fravor: UFO's...Commander David Fravor was a navy fighter pilot who intercepted a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) from the USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier. He was sent out to investigate strange movements of a tic tac shaped object by naval radar operators who have been detecting them for about 2 weeks. It was off of the coast of San Diego California. The day was sunny and the ocean water was crystal blue clear. David flew toward the location of the UAP and he noticed movement in the water, and thought there were whales breaching. Upon closer inspection, he saw a white tic tac like object emerge from out of the movement of water. He then decided to descend to check out the UAP. As soon as he made the descent, the UAP suddently pointed toward him and began to mirror his plane, but moving upward toward Commandor Fravor. When the UAP was in front of him, it sped up and disappeared in front of his eyes.

In the "Origin of Life..." podcast, Sarah Walker, an astro biologist, said that even though scientists are unable to send a human to Mars, they can send an organism to Mars.

This is a detail from a painting called Organismo that depicts a monkey fetus, a fish fetus and a human cell dividing.
Detail of Organismo

Images immediately came into my head. Ocean water, shells and organisms dividing, happening at night. Because we are the only planet that has water, that we know of at this time, a question popped into my head when listening to these podcasts: "If we can send an organism to Mars, then maybe these UAP sightings are organisms from other planets wishing to evolve? Maybe they are the new unicorns?

And so it fascinates me that this scientific evidence still in progress, is similar to Christian creation story of when God created earth, it's flower and fauna in the book of Genesis. Water and air (heaven) are the sources of this evolution. Science is the real published data and the bible is the visual mythology. This mythology is being replaced by science for I have observed that people believe in more in science than in a God.

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