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DESCRIPTION: This Oil on Wood painting depicts unicorn 45th United States president, Donald J. Trump sitting in a chair in a swamp with 3 swamp monsters: far left: Mitt Romney a Mormon R.I.N.O. (Republican in Name Only), center right: Miles Taylor, Department of Homeland Security, and left center: Nancy Pelosi, a career Democrat Speaker of the United Sates House of Representatives. President Trump was considered a unicorn in politics in that nobody thought would win the 2016 election. He won by vowing to “drain the swamp”, a reference to cleaning up the corruption in the White House. He won by a close margin with the help of the electoral college. In 2020, he lost to Biden, with the help of big tech social media, mainstream news outlets, and no help of the electoral college. Trump won 46.9% to Biden’s 51.3%

G.O.A.T is American slang for Greatest Of All Time.

ABOUT THIS PAINTING: This original Oil over Wood painting’s size is approximately 18”x24”. It includes Certificate of Authenticity.


SHIPPING: Insurance, taxes, packaging and regular shipping are included on all prices. Processing and shipping takes 2 to 4 weeks. Expedited shipping is available at additional costs.


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