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La Reunion Familiar 24”x30” Watercolor

La Reunion Familiar


DESCRIPTION: For Mexicans, death is not forever. Each year on Nov. 1st, it is believed that the spirits of departed loved ones return to visit their families. To celebrate, families picnic at the graves, carefully decorating them with yellow cempasuchil (Marigold or “Twenty Petal Flower” in Aztec), a flower native to Mexico & Central America. Relatives also put the dead’s favorite foods and drinks on the grave and light candles to welcome them back. A “sahumerio” (incense burner) is filled with “copal” (tree resin) and lit so that the dead can follow the smoke back to their reunion.


ABOUT THIS PAINTING: This original watercolor painting’s size is approximately 24”x30”, matted. It includes Certificate of Authenticity.

SHIPPING: Insurance, taxes, packaging and regular shipping are included on all prices. Processing and shipment takes 2 to 4 weeks. Expedited shipping will require additional costs.

Por favor póngase en contacto con la artista para más información.

La Reunion Familiar 24”x30” Watercolor

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