The Cleansing, or La Limpia,  depicts a traditional reading done by a "curandero/a", (healer) who will crack an egg in a glass of water and will read the glass of water, which will reveal bad energies, sickness and other issues. Afterwards, you throw away the eggs and all the water.  


This still life refers to how couples share their wounds and the desire to heal. The atmosphere is set at night at a bar where they do a toast, to acknowlege their past with the hope of a new future together. 


All giclees are approx 12"x16" printed with archival inks and paper. They are hand signed and numbered by Isis Rodriguez.  Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Only 50 are available.


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Once payment is cleared,  prints will be shipped out within 48 hours Mon-Friday excluding weekends.


The original oil painting is SOLD.